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Meeting, and beating, deadlines.

A leading international university press sought to digitize nearly 5,000 academic titles, making it the single largest collection of books on their platform. It would give researchers access to vital content previously unavailable in an electronic format. Then came a nice little surprise. All of it had to be delivered within 45 days, with a weekly target of 1,000 titles starting from the third week.

Newgen got down to work, setting up two teams working in tandem to ensure a smooth delivery. Silk Evolve, our proprietary publishing technology, came in handy along with other conversion, workflow management and tracking tools. The process of automation helped increase our efficiency by a significant measure of 16%, enabling us to complete the entire volume of delivery a week ahead of schedule.

Efficiency is the word.

What’s common to these books: The Gun Debate, Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels and Art Scents? Well, they were all produced using a unique workflow designed and implemented by Newgen. It came as an answer to the discomfiture of many authors when it comes to different review formats. The manuscript for most books is submitted in Word format, and so is the first step in the copy editing review by the author. But, the moment the content is typeset, the mode of review shifts to pdf files. Many authors are uncomfortable marking their changes and comments in pdf files and find this shift annoying.

Newgen devised a customizable MS Word-based workflow to handle the manuscript submission and copy-editing process. The proof generation process was automated, and a Word-based indexing and tabling process was formulated. Besides leading to a significant reduction in content errors, it enabled us to eliminate an entire round of review, gaining three weeks in time to market.

Ever since its introduction, the Word-based workflow has been seamlessly adopted by several authors. And around 90% of them have consistently voiced their approval.

Super quick delivery.

A leading academic publisher approached Newgen to develop a platform for managing their XML products that were received from vendors across the globe. They had engaged a handful of internal resources to verify, validate and distribute their products on their platform. The work being completely manual, it delayed the publication and the sales. On top of it, coordinating with vendors to manage the project and correct errors was proving to be an arduous task.

Newgen understood the issue at stake and developed a web-based XML portal that helped in faster file validation, while automation hastened the delivery process by correcting Schematron errors. The process of identifying faulty stocks and sending them back for correction, and the distribution and archival processes were fully automated. This project ticked all the boxes, helping the publisher save cost significantly. Delivery to the platform is as much as ten times faster now.

Content that's thousands of years old.

Newgen partnered with Yale University Press and the Posen Foundation to publish the multi-volume Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization. Though some of the entries were previously published in English, others were newly commissioned translations. We had to be mindful of ancient writing styles and idiosyncrasies to stay true to the original meaning. There were multiple editors involved in this mammoth undertaking where each volume runs into over a thousand pages. Some volumes required transcribing hundreds of tear sheets, converting them into Word documents and inserting them into the correct location for the new material. This had to be achieved in conjunction with scores of paintings, drawings and photographs. It was gratifying to see this complex and extensive exercise result in beautifully edited, typeset and bound repositories of Jewish culture.

Let's hear it for this Persian language textbook.

Modern Persian, Elementary Level is a cutting-edge language textbook with a multitude of engaging speaking activities in each chapter. Newgen created a full-fledged companion website for it, with a complete audio dictionary, over 300 audio and video presentations, and a special appendix with classroom activity material for instructors. To bring alive this interactive experience, we hosted more than 800 rich-media files, linked every word in the dictionary to audio files, and devised a searchable audio dictionary. As one might say, a solution far from elementary.

A study in versatility.

A series of study guides in healthcare had to be adapted to other fields like education, social work and policing, without having to create the content all over again. Newgen sourced the content from a core XML repository and converted it into Word so that authors and editors could work in a familiar environment. We redesigned the workflow to provide for agility and put additional editorial checks in place. Through constant liaison with the authors and the publisher, we delivered the content across subject areas – with the Newgen stamp of timeliness and quality.

100 titles. 100% done.

One of the well-known university presses in US hosts some of the most renowned academic collections. Over 100 titles had to be scanned and converted into digital formats. As the scanning had to be done on US soil as per Newgen’s terms of contract, our dedicated center in Texas scanned each page diligently and transferred the data for a thorough check and conversion into PDF and ePub formats. Despite the lockdown necessitated by COVID-19, we delivered the project efficiently and accurately.

A Christmas gift, so to speak.

Newgen took up the second edition of Fed Power with the deadline of a month for completion. If this weren’t challenging, Christmas holidays were round the corner. Sure enough, we pulled out all the stops. We fast-tracked the review process, ensured regular status updates, and achieved the delivery a day ahead of schedule, much to the delight of our client.

A celebration of diversity.

A report published in 2020 exposed the ways that authors from particular racial and ethnic backgrounds were marginalized and disadvantaged in the UK publishing industry. Over 100 people working in the publishing industry were interviewed, including authors, agents, publishers, editors and festival curators. The team at Newgen was tasked with converting this report into a booklet in time for the event ‘Rethinking Diversity Week’. The only hitch: we had less than a month to collate content, design and deliver the book. And we did.

Cutting cost without cutting corners.

Brill, a renowned academic publisher, sought to enlist a preferred vendor that would handle huge volumes of production while adhering to their tight budget specifications. Newgen stepped in with customary resolve, introducing a technical solution that used a Word-based workflow to ease the process of collaboration and seamlessly integrate changes and updates. Not only did we achieve a cost-effective solution but also sealed the project in good time.

Not just typesetting. Perfect glossing.

Language Learning in Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a book that uses a special feature called glossing, which is a written format of the American sign language. It is introduced in place of words, so readers can understand the text. Glossing has to be added at specific words in sentences, and at specific locations in words. There is no room for error.

Newgen undertook the task with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each location of glossing was in perfect position and alignment. At the end of the project, the client had only one word to say: Excellent!

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