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Customised solutions for every kind of audio publishing & production, at any possible scale.
From self-publishing to corporate publishing, we cover it all.

Audio Production

We help you bring books & journals to life through audio book production, podcast production, article narration and other services.


Music Production

Get the audience glued to your audio book with original background music as well as royalty-free music that our team brings for you.



Make sure nothing gets missed out! We offer accurate subtitling and transcription services across multiple languages for interviews, podcasts and journals.


Cover Production

Stand out in a visually competitive streaming market with customised covers that are unique to your book. Our in-house graphics team can produce great new covers, while also repurposing existing ones.

Audio Engineering

We help make your content relevant, engaging and publisher ready with narration, repurposing and translation, among other services.


Repurpose Audio Book

Ensure your Audio book meets the publishing standards with our help. We repurpose/recreate and fix issues to ensure the audiobooks are published.


Audio Editing

Get high quality audio outputs from our well-trained editors who focus on script accuracy, consistent pacing and elimination of noise.


Sound Design & Foley

Elevate the experience of your audiobook as our designers make it immersive with the best sound effects, ambience, special sounds and foley.


We aren’t just there with you through the production process, we’d genuinely like to see your work published. And that’s why we help you with distribution as well. Once completed according to the distributor’s quality criteria, we submit your audiobook for distribution. And voila! Within 3-4 weeks after production, your audiobook will be available at over 30 of the world's largest online audiobook retailers.

So, are you ready to see your audio book on the digital shelves?

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Cutting Edge-Facilities & Tech Specs

Best-in-class audio engineering facilities, finest technical specifications and superb equipment that meets industry standards. Newgen’s specialisation in technology-led publishing solutions offers you nothing but the best.

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Dubbing / Recording Suite 1:

  • Moto Audio Interface
  • Moto Preamp(O)
  • ADAM Monitoring - F7(Stereo)
  • Cubase Pro 8.5
  • Logic Pro x
  • Protools10
  • Mac
  • Multiple Displays (Dell, Samsung)
  • Behringer / Sennheiser
  • Monitoring Headphones

Recording / Mixing Suite 2:

  • RME UFX+Audio Interface
  • Moto Preamp(O)
  • ADAM Monitoring - A7x, Sub 8 and F5's (5.1/ Atoms/ 7.1)
  • Dual LED Monitors(HP)
  • Behringer / Sennheiser
  • Monitoring Headphones
  • Cubase 8.5
  • Protools12 HD
  • Logic Pro x
  • QConPro Control Surface
  • Mac Pro


  • Rode NT1A
  • AKG C414 XLS
  • AKG C414 XLS ii (Matched Pair)
  • AKG Perception
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58
  • Blue Bluebird

Customised solutions for every kind of publishing, at every possible scale. From self-publishing to corporate publishing,
We cover it all.

$500 for 40,000 words

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