Newgen's Silk Evolve is a powerful automation platform

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Silk Evolve

Silk Evolve is Newgen's integrated product for high-quality, professional conversion of PDF to ePUB. Using Silk Evolve even a novice operator with limited or no knowledge of ePUB, PDF, or HTML can produce high-quality ePUB's in less than one-tenth of the time that an expert would normally take.

“The design theme of Silk Evolve is to automate as much as possible and to keep the operator focused only on those issues where his judgment is required.”

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  • Silk Evolve provides a guided 12-step review process for the operator to follow. This standardized approach promotes consistent and repeated quality when generating ePUB 2 or 3 from PDF.
  • Silk Evolve is tuned to exporting ePUB 3 format, taking advantage of the advancements in the ePUB format such as insertion of audio/video, SVG support, MathML 8, multiple navigation tables, and many of the new CSS3 properties.
  • Silk Evolve produces an ePUB output equivalent to the PDF in terms of styling; a scripting module is integrated to further customize and enhance the ePUB.
  • Silk Evolve has been used to convert tens of thousands of books across a variety of genres, subjects, languages, and styles.

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