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End-to-end management of a leading medical title with 100 contributors with a 3-level review workflow
  • Developmental editing to complete management of the book production process for a leading medical title was done with effective communication and streamlined efficiently through a multi-level review system. Worked on a limited timeline in creating complex design requirements, that was managed through chapter-level content and art changes until the last minute.
Multi-language pdf remediation completed in 20 days for over 40000 pages
  • Rigorous quality checks and file validation using tools like PAC3, JAWS and NVDA were carried out. Pdf remediation and Microsoft documents were made accessible for 7 input languages, including complex Right to Left (Arabic and Farsi) languages.
Digitization of 4800 academic titles with proprietary technology for a leading academic publisher
  • Automated the conversion of academic titles into digital formats for a leading academic publisher. Our proprietary technology Silk Evolve and conversion tools, workflow management and tracking tools were used to automate, manage and track production, respectively.
An optimized book production workflow with Word as the backbone coupled with automated pagination as a differentiator
  • A common Word-based workflow was devised to handle the manuscript submission and copy editing process. Eliminating an entire round of review process, gaining 3 weeks in time to market. The proof generation process was automated and Word-based indexing and tabling process was devised. There was a significant reduction in content errors.
A general medicine title with complex project management, typesetting, and illustration requirements delivered in record time
  • Newgen delivered a 900-contributor, 700-chapter, four-volume general medicine title with complex typesetting requirements and technical illustrations in record time. Newgen coordinated with many high-profile authors and effectively managed a three-level review with content updates happening right until the final stages.
Brought alive a value-based educational title with 70 relatable character illustrations created within 3 weeks
  • A detailed character study helped conceptualize and illustrate 70 characters with varied facial expressions set against 160 different backgrounds. Newgen helped the publisher with analysis, planning, processing, designing and reviewing.
Automation solution for file validation & delivery process certification
  • Newgen developed a web-based XML portal for faster file validation, while automation helped in hastening the delivery process by correcting the Schematron errors. The process of identifying faulty stocks and resending it to the vendor for corrections, distribution and archival storage process has been automated.
Developed a complete online solution to track self-publishing titles, from collection to distribution
  • Newgen digitized tracking of self-publishing titles by developing online solutions to improve the efficiency of the entire process, right from collection to distribution.
1500 illustrations of marine organisms recreated for a marine encyclopedia
  • Detailed illustrations were drawn and reproduced from rough sketches provided by the author. It was creatively and vividly represented with appropriate colours and textures. The art program was done ahead of the typesetting process in order to get the illustrations redrawn and approved by the authors before placing them in the pages. The final approved art was certified by Newgen's manufacturing team for print quality.
End-to-end publication management for authors
  • Published the book much ahead of the scheduled timeline. Ensured constant coordination between internal teams and authors to speed up the review process.
Improved efficiency by 30% through the development of e-Pub - a web-based tool for title distribution
  • Helped Ingram resolve distribution and validation issues for 20,000 titles every week. Automated the fixing of tags by developing a web portal.
Delivered an end-to-end publication project in a tight timeline of 40 days
  • Worked on restructured workflow with parallel processes to optimise review time for production. Ensured to create an impact on first glance with the editor and the author as well as to avoid too many revised stages.
Creating regular newsletters for Federal Tax Day
  • Newgen’s team of lawyer-editors are managing this newsletter. They regularly source all updates in the federal tax area and identify newsworthy material for Federal Tax Day.
Created cover designs for self-publishing authors
  • Conducted a meticulous analysis of the essence of the story, listed out the points that the cover design should address and validated the points against a blueprint before submission.
60 complex travel guides produced with accurate detailing, extensive content development & aesthetic designs
  • The complexities involved managing erratic author schedules with efficient project management processes. Since the content dealt with real-time applications, they were crafted to perfection and programmed to reach the user in prior time. Precise GPS coordinates were provided. A complete focus on data integrity and accuracy was needed and this was achieved through rigorous fact-checking processes done by cartographers and authors.
Translation of content from biblical times for a multi volume treasury of Jewish culture
  • The production process of this multi-year project consisting of 10 volumes with more than 1000 pages was managed with ease by an efficient offshore delivery team. The complexities involved transcribing hundreds of ‘tear-sheets’ converting them into Word documents, which were then inserted into the correct locations within the existing manuscript files for the new material. Although many of the entries in each volume were previously published in English, the writing and grammatical styles of the texts, many of which were hundreds or even thousands of years old, had to be maintained.
Full service workflow for a high profile author
  • A book based on the most divisive political issues and authored by a former political leader had to be published at speed. Frequent reprint updates were also required to keep this high-profile, topical content current. Newgen provided a full service workflow that included copy edit and full author support. An experienced long-standing copy-editor was booked in advance to handle the project.
Copyediting expertise across languages for a bilingual edition of an academic title
  • Newgen worked on Hebrew and English editions of a 560-page academic title with perfect design adaptation. This edition had the commentary in Hebrew and English side-by-side, with the help of a copy editor fluent in Hebrew. The book went into production after multiple quality checks.
Real-time and precise publication of multi-edition taxation guides
  • The print and online versions of the taxation guides for this publisher are seamlessly updated using customized processes and tools.
    The integrated modules of Newgen’s editorial framework (CE Genius) enable effective and consistent enhancement of content, which then helps the editorial team in updating content efficiently, in conformance with the publisher’s style, into the framework of the WMS (Workflow Management System). A module for language editing, NLP (Natural Language Processing), is also plugged in to the WMS.
    The online versions are updated and released within 24 hours of receipt of updates, while the print versions are completed in 8 weeks.
Scientific Journals published with speed & precision
  • A reputed scientific journal had to be published in real-time to ensure that the scientific community is up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs. Newgen developed a technology platform that provided seamless multiple workflows and solved the problem of tracking academic titles through a real-time tracking tool. Authors, journal managers, editors & publishers are all seamlessly integrated with this tool.
Ensuring real-time distribution of digital content through an optimized workflow
  • Newgen did a thorough analysis and evaluation of the different downstream requirements of the digital and print products, the magnitude of the work involved, and the delay in the current workflow (2-3 weeks).
    A workflow was designed where the entire spectrum of requirements was captured in a single source file and preserved during the life cycle of the entire production process.
    Every change request was carefully analyzed for updates, keeping the downstream requirements considered always
Best selling travel eBooks with in-built interactive and audio features
  • Newgen worked with the popular Frommers Travel Guides to create interactive eBooks. The practical features of these eBooks included integration with Google Map links, an offline map feature helping the reader jump between maps and reviews. Bookmarks, seamless flipping between pages, quick search capabilities, embedded links to recommended websites, zoom-in options for maps and images, and links to essential travel services are some of the interesting features of these eBooks.
Extending a Persian textbook to a dynamic blended learning Microsite
  • This university-level book consisted of real-world topics; high-frequency structures and vocabulary; thematic presentation of material and engaging speaking activities. This was extended to a supporting microsite with interactive content - 800 media rich files, every word linked to audio files in the dictionary, an answer key, a searchable audio dictionary, interactive classroom activity materials.
Automated creation of error-free catalogues from the online ONIX database
  • ONIX data file format is the global XML standard format for transmitting title information. Instead of using InDesign to create the catalogue, NewGen configured various designs into the system and used ONIX pick up appropriate design depending on the information available in the XML and transformed into beautiful catalogue with a single click. The output was accurate and quick with a significant gain in time and cost, by reducing the manual workflow.
Full-service Journal publishing services delivered efficiently through customized workflows & automated tools
  • This highly circulated medical journal hits international readership within days of submission with articles cited across multi-disciplinary journals. Newgen’s project management team delivers the final output with zero changes, accurate content and within the stipulated time. Handling operational challenges like multiple stakeholders, constant late requests, inclusion of additional supplements, management of advertising through meticulous follow-ups, excellent communication and automation.
Delivery of 4022 print pages, 951 digital assets for a foreign language educational series
  • Newgen worked with a leading educational publisher to develop a French multi component series, including audio and video. A team of MFL specialists managed components across three years, building relationships through collaboration and a strong one-team approach with the customer. Careful assessment of interdependencies between project components alongside streamlining of workflows ensured quality and efficiency.
Design and composition of illustrated Early Learning readers & activity books for a leading educational publisher
  • Newgen was commissioned to produce a series of literacy readers for primary school children. A dedicated team of in-house project managers in the onshore team, worked closely with several illustration agencies and skilled offshore design studio. Project Managers directly commissioned authors from an approved pool and directed every aspect of each title from initial draft through to signed-off content ready for press. Titles were delivered on time and the series is contributing to the client's rapid growth and tremendous success.
Re-versioned content created on study guides for various professions by implementing systematic workflows
  • Study skill guides in healthcare were re-versioned for multiple new professions with constant feedback and contribution from authors and editors. The content was sourced from XML and converted to Word to help authors and editors work on platforms that they were most comfortable with. New workflow patterns were implemented to provide an agile approach to the project due to which the entire work was delivered on-time with precision.
High-quality scanning and digitising of the most esteemed academic work collections from the University of Michigan Library
  • About 100 academic titles from the collection of works from the University of Michigan Library were scanned and converted into digital formats. This was done by adhering to the contract stating that scanning should be done on US soil. For this, our dedicated team in Texas scanned the content and carefully shared it with the conversion team for a thorough check and conversion into PDF & epub formats. The biggest challenge for the team was to carry out the process during the COVID-19 lockdown scenario, which was successfully completed efficiently and accurately.
Designed a structured workflow for AI automation of information sheets for Hudson & Thames
  • Efficient workflow for the production of advanced AI information sheets for a publisher of illustrated works was designed and executed with perfection. Automation technology was used to create a black box solution that converted the ONIX data to advanced information sheets, which saved time, improved quality and also helped the publisher stay up to date with the content.
Diligent project planning processes resulted in a consistent, high-end typesetting and project management experience for Mayo Clinic
  • Publishing 30+ books involved managing extensive updates, multiple reviews, typesetting and design complexities.
    Efficient processes were implemented at every stage. For every title a complex typesetting sample was created for approval. An approval process was incorporated at every stage with additional quality checks by a dedicated team. The workflow was designed to accept and incorporate updates even at the last stage of the production process. A dedicated project manager worked on all the titles ensuring a smooth, positive experience.
Converting a well-known series of print cookbooks into engaging ebooks
  • The different elements on the print pages had to be converted into interactive & inspiring content. The ebooks were created with intuitive features like ingredients changing based on the serve requirements using a Java Script API. enhanced search features included a recipe level navigation, seamless flip between pages, bookmarks and quick search capabilities. It also included embedded links to recommendations' websites, video demonstrations and reviews.
Published a health manual for the Center for Disease Control, by effectively handling design, typesetting and workflow complexities
  • The CDC Yellow Book is a complex 500+ page compilation of accurate, up-to-date travel health guidelines. This project involved handling the complexities of typesetting, complex design and a heavy distribution of figures, maps, charts, and tables. This project was handled by an expert team across functions. A consistent and custom workflow was implemented for each edition across typesetting, art, XML, manufacturing and project management. The scope for multiple rounds of review, extended review periods and updates were included at every stage.
The Archbold 2020 edition was sourced and published in record time during the lockdown
  • Authored by legal practitioners, this leading practitioners book for criminal lawyers had to be published in 30 days. Owing to the Covid crisis the manuscript came in late. The team had less than a month to typeset, copy edit, create indexes and conduct internal and external reviews. To ensure that there were no bottlenecks several processes were implemented like weekly status reviews, editorial quality checks on completion of every chapter. The book was completed on time without quality issues.
An academic title on Rethinking Diversity on Publishing for Goldsmiths Press was completed by incorporating design changes, thorough analysis and effective communication
  • End-to-end editorial services from developing workflows, design changes, close communication with the authors and precise proofreading of the content and design. With the delay in handover of the work, there was a shift in schedules which led to the reduction in the deadline. Our team worked closely with the designer and communicated with the authors and incorporated changes as and when the process was taking place, minimising the revisions at the time of publication.
Digital conversion of complex legal looseleaf publications to reflowable ebooks, completed in record time
  • 500,000 complex image based pages had to be converted within 8 weeks by sourcing the latest version and deciphering the information precisely. Newgen focused on 2 aspects - adopting different workflows for different source file and ensuring a high level of accuracy by ensuring bi-directional functionality of the links, matching the printed version with enriched features, capturing foot-notes with pop-up features and semantic coding for easy reference. The product went online as per schedule.
Introduced efficient workflow and review pattern and delivered an error-free typesetting and design implementation for Ladybird early learning books
  • The early learning book by Ladybird required heavily templated typesetting and modifying the process to align with the client's requirements as they were new to the packaging process. To ease out the process, the designs were carefully developed with in-built QA checks and corrections that were incorporated immediately. The system had to be restructured for this client, in particular, to ease out any bottlenecks and ensure both teams were on the same track. By the end of the project, Ladybird was extremely happy with the service they received and the output.
Medical journal publication completed efficiently with a turnaround time of 2 days despite a complex transition process from the existing publisher of the client
  • (LWW - UK), medical journal publisher, who was already signed up with an existing vendor approached Newgen for editorial service, composition and project management for their time-bound project after being extremely satisfied with our pilot-scale output. With our effective project management, the entire project, right from document structuring, XML conversion & copyediting was completed error-free within just 2 days from the time we received the manuscript, winning the trust & confidence of the authors. Moreover, the transition was hassle-free and also reduced the cost significantly.
Delivered end-to-end production management and editorial service for an academic publisher
  • Brill, an academic publisher, was looking to finalise on a vendor for their project within their expected budget specifications. Newgen introduced a technical solution to ease the process of work for both sides. With Word - Indesign - PDF format of workflow, changes and updates were seamlessly integrated to the final output reducing the time and price for the project.
Customised workflow created for an academic project
  • Designing a systematic workflow, proper scheduling, effective communication and attention to detail helped us rebuild the entire process with accurate updates and monitoring, thereby meeting the author's expectation. Using Pubkit, feedback from all the stakeholders were incorporated diligently. Proactive project planning and timely delivery of high-standard output impressed the client leaving them happy with our service.
Delivered complete publication services for an eminent author from the Oxford University Press amidst the pandemic
  • The author of the book insisted that we share a hard copy of the book for his review and sharing the work manually during the COVID-19 crisis was not possible due to safety issues. Our Project Manager and OUP convinced him that the soft copy would be easily readable with perfect typesetting and design. Our entire team worked hard to ensure that the files were error-free with prompt communication and efficient incorporation of feedback. The author was extremely happy with the output delivered, praising the team and the Project Manager.
Streamlined the copyediting process to cater to the author’s requirements with on-time publication of the book
  • The author’s main requirement was that the copy-editing processes be carried out without affecting the style of writing. The Project Manager along with OUP proactively coordinated with the author, collating all the discussion and requirements into an instruction sheet, which was shared with the copy editors for perfect implementation of the changes. Project plan, review and timelines were shared with the author and the project was delivered flawlessly without any delay from the schedule.
Hassle-free and real-time publishing of court judgement and releases from Government bodies
  • The conventional method used to update the court judgements or official documents was carried out manually which was time-consuming as well as prone to human error. By integrating SMART technology, the files were converted to XML and published in real-time, thereby reducing work time drastically. Moreover, the automated system helps maintain a uniform pattern and ensures easy bucketing of the content for seamless conversion.
Partnered with Cambridge University Press and created interactive and understandable Maths content for 5-14 programme textbooks
  • Complex maths content was deciphered and transformed into perfect designs and illustrated into charts, graphs and figures. These designs were clear, precise and engaging with the main objective of enhancing the learning experience for the students in 5-15 programmes.
Medical journal publication completed efficiently with a turnaround time of 2 days despite a complex transition process from the existing publisher of the client
  • (LWW - UK), medical journal publisher, who was already signed up with an existing vendor approached Newgen for editorial service, composition and project management for their time-bound project after being extremely satisfied with our pilot-scale output. With our effective project management, the entire project, right from document structuring, XML conversion & copyediting was completed error-free within just 2 days from the time we received the manuscript, winning the trust & confidence of the authors. Moreover, the transition was hassle-free and also reduced the cost significantly.
Delivered end-to-end production management and editorial services for an academic publisher
  • Brill, an academic publisher, was looking to finalise a vendor for their project within expected budget specifications. Newgen introduced a technical solution to ease the work process. With workflow formats in Word, Indesign & PDF, changes and updates were seamlessly integrated to the final output reducing the time and price for the project.
Conversion of 4000 multi language books into ebooks
  • Converted over 4000 books in multiple languages like Latin, European and Russian into ebooks using our conversion tools. Along with technology, we also had a language expert to manage, review and validate content in various languages resulting in speedy and high-quality rendition of ebooks.
Customized workflow enabled completing an error-free project for the Oxford University Press books
  • Delivered high-quality publication services within a restricted time of 2 months. Customized workflows and an optimised review system ensured a quick turn-around.
End-to-end project management for Pearson Education delivered
  • 23 GCSE educational titles had to be aligned with the recent updates - made comprehensible and accessible. From design & illustration, editorial, project management to accessibility services, the entire project was completed without any errors and within a month. Over 2901 print pages were delivered accurately and on-time with customised workflows that were framed to accommodate design revisions, evaluation, communication and delivery timelines.

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jo bottrill

MD, Newgen UK

Having worked with publishers across the areas of academic, trade and education, Jo Botrill now manages everything from commissioning to print. Prior to working with Newgen, Jo worked with Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis and Macmillan, managing a range of content types and workflows.


Bas Straub

MD, Newgen Europe

Bas Straub joined Newgen in 2014, post the amalgamation of his media production company - Konvertus - with Newgen Publishing, Europe. Prior to Konvertus, Bas was the director for product development and market development in Elsevier for 13 years.


Karan Malhotra

VP, Sales

A veteran in sales and business development, Karan Malhotra has over 22 years of experience in legal process outsourcing, legal content and workflow management, intellectual property and more. Prior to Newgen, Karan has managed a portfolio of onshore and offshore projects and processes in US, India, Mexico and China with a team size of 500+ at Thomson Reuters, Exela Technologies and Lason to name a few.


Will Awad

Director - Digital Accessibility & Publishing Solutions

Will is an experienced professional, with a history of working in the information technology and publishing services industry like Thomson Reuters, OUP, Justis. He guides our accessibility projects and helps with conforming our client's projects with usability and accessibility requirements of section 508 American with Disability Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. He holds a bachelor degree in law and a master in international law.