Multiple Interactive User Service Manuals Created for a Leading Indian Two-Wheeler Brand

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Enhancing customer experience begins with simplifying access and comprehension of the product know-how: everything from explaining the technicalities to guiding users through product usage.

For a biking enthusiast, the service manual is their bible. It serves as the biker’s guide through everything – from changing the oil to rebuilding the engine. A leading Indian motorcycle manufacturer approached Newgen for the creation of multiple service manuals for both domestic and international models. The manuals had to include pictures of the models with a detailed explanation of parts and uses, video development and e-learning and localization services. With multiple features and functionalities that were unique to each model, a well-illustrated and elucidated manual was the only source of guidance for the end users.

The Project Requirement

The service manuals were required for multiple domestic and international models. To ensure easy comprehension, the technical specifications and engineering validations had to be explained precisely. The specifications, details and procedures had to be converted to illustrations supported with interactive video information and pictorial representations in a single manual. Maintaining consistency across various product manuals was in the scope of creating user-friendly manuals. The videos and artworks had to be translated in 18 languages for users across the globe.

Our Approach

A dedicated team of SMEs, technical specialists and project managers were formed to handle this project. Our SMEs helped with the thorough research and review of content. By analysing databases and with the SMEs’ vast knowledge and hands-on experience, the information collated was precise and detailed. The information was represented as artworks depicting the step-by-step process and technical features. To get a clear understanding of the product, photographs of the models were analysed for creating 3D illustrations and designs, animations and interactive modules. Customizing workflows to align with the timelines and schedules ensured hassle-free completion of the project.


Initially, the development work was split among various service providers, which led to a delay in the process as coordination was time-consuming. To combat this challenge, a dedicated team was made responsible for each segment of the project. A set of engineers and videographers travelled to the client site to record activity, while the writers, illustrators and editors worked on the design and content. Ensuring a single point of contact helped streamlining the process and communication.

The Result – An engaging, error-free manual

The complete series of service manuals were designed to depict data and information in an accurate and engaging manner with interactive mediums for easy understanding. The content was represented in various regional languages for wider audiences. And the schematic diagrams and visual illustrations enabled easy comprehension of complex technical concepts. Streamlining workflows and communication helped in timely delivery and error-free content publishing following thorough reviews and changes.