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Become ADA compliant with our accessibility solutions

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Overcome the challenges of cost and complexity in creating accessible content.


Accessibility Testing

A solution from Newgen that evaluates your accessibility needs. We will ensure your websites & mobile applications conform to WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 2.1, and are Section 508 and ADA compliant.

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Document Accessibility

Smart conversion of Accessible PDF, Accessible EPUB3 and Image Description service. We ensure that your documents are accessible to all including people with print impairment.

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Who we are

Newgen’s accessibility goals are synonymous with getting the world together on a platform that is unequivocally alike and alive for all.

The Newgen Nucleus – Connect with us to realize the core and the universality of accessibility.

About Us

Every Word Matters to Us

We're as much at home in the pixels of a screen as we are between the pages of a book. Since 1996, Newgen has been driving content publishing across traditional and emerging media. We've created some of the most remarkable, immersive and high-quality projects for leading global publishers, spanning industries and genres.

We design and manage content solutions using the best of technology and applying our subject-matter expertise. A clear and simple purpose runs through everything we do. Every word matters to us for the precise shade of meaning it holds. (You take a break, but apply a brake.) Everyone's word matters, for we believe in inclusivity. And when we give our word, needless to say, we stand by it.

With more than 1500 dedicated members across the globe, we offer innovative and engaging ways to publish and broadcast content. So you reach the right audience through the right medium.

Our Strength

Discovering the ‘New’ in Newgen with every endeavor

With talent and workforce that inspire, innovation that propels us forward, and uninhibited performance that turns work to passion and motivated experiences, at Newgen we strive to create an empowered world by virtue of presenting content that people can enjoy, no matter the limitations that have held them back.

Accessibility offers us the advantage to shrink the global space, getting everyone closer and making interactions more meaningful.

By beautifully crafting the elements of accessibility, we

  • Customize the pages with everyone in mind;
  • Create the engaging mode so the experience is unlimited; and
  • Champion a cause making the experience with content an adventure.
Our Strength

Thought Leadership

Dive into our free webinars below.

A Publisher’s Guide to Accessible Content
How do you make your books, journals, research papers and other forms of content fully accessible?

Learn all about it in this webinar, where Bill Kasdorf,... Michael Johnson and Will Awad, renowned experts in the field of Digital Accessibility discuss why content accessibility of scholarly content is important and and how publishers can make their titles born accessible. Also discussed in the Webinar are the tools and formats that make accessibility simple and the role of Benetech and the Global Certified Accessible Program.Read More

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The Art of Alt: Making the Most of Alt Text
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For our much awaited follow-up accessibility webinar.

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With Newgen, you get to stay ahead by becoming ADA and WCAG compliant.

Stringent testing is an integral part of the process at Newgen.

An ace by DAISY, Accessibility Checking Tool | SMART tool (Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool) | U.S. Department of Health & Human Services checklist | Assistive technology such as NVDA.

Accessibility Consultation Services

We equip publishing experts with full-fledged, tailor-made accessibility services at the best price.

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We are a Benetech Certified Accessible Content Conversion Vendor

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Section 508 & ADA

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We create smart publishing solutions with our content, process and technological capabilities.

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