Tight deadlines. A massive workload. Impressive outcomes.

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Pearson Imaginarium is an English Language Learning series for the bilingual schools’ market in Mexico – schools that spend much, or all, of their instruction time in English. Students enrolled in these schools can talk, read and write fluently in English.

The context

Newgen English Language Learning managed the production stages of the Student’s Books and Teacher’s Books. Our responsibilities included copy editing, typesetting, design, proofreading and cold reading.

The challenges faced

We knew that we would have to put a high number of pages through production in a very short time, some of which were still at manuscript development or were not yet written. At every stage we had to move quickly but thoroughly to meet tight deadlines. Despite the speed, our copy-editors and proofreaders added value to the project by adding a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) review to the manuscript using Pearson’s DEI guidelines, raising content issues and suggesting rewrites when necessary. By the close of the project, a total of 7500 pages had been put through production in a time span of 8 months.

Our approach

Newgen’s hybrid approach was key to meeting the delivery challenge. Resourcing editorial project management and all editorial services onshore, and typesetting and design offshore enabled us to scale up quickly and deliver on time and within budget. Daily stand ups initiated by Newgen’s Editorial Project Manager kept this potentially unwieldy project on track. It was no surprise that Newgen’s excellent editorial project management leadership was praised by Pearson at the end of the project.


Newgen prides itself on the relationships we build with our clientsseeing ourselves as an extension of the client’s in-house team. Our One Team approach was crucial in the successful delivery of this project. The fantastic copy editing and proofreading were appreciated by Pearson, especially for the additional DEI review. Going the extra mile was recognized as unusual for a vendor, but that’s what we do at Newgen – go the extra mile to make all our projects a success.