PMC Conversion

Author: Muralidharan

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Innovative digital formats come up in the publishing market regularly, forcing companies to be compliant and compatible with new platforms. One such challenge is the PubMed format, developed and maintained by the National Center of Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Library for Medicine. The PubMed Central® (PMC) platform enables the distribution of various biomedical and life sciences journals.

A publisher may be interested in submitting content to PMC in order to increase discoverability of and access to its content; ensure a long-term, publicly accessible archive of a journal; help authors comply with the policies of funding agencies that require articles to be made available in PMC; or comply with the MEDLINE Policy on Indexing Electronic Journals.

Submission and quality requirements for PMC conversions include the following:

  • All content for a journal, including corrections, errata, retractions and editorial expressions of concern, must be supplied to PMC within 4 weeks of final publication.
  • All files that a journal supplies to PMC in production must pass the same quality tests that were applied during technical evaluation.
  • All overdue or missing files or those that have data errors, do not meet PMC’s minimum data criteria or indicate non-compliance with any of PMC’s production requirements need to be resupplied. Queries raised about submissions must be responded to within 2 weeks at most, and all requested data files resupplied within 4 weeks of the original request.

Newgen has been associated with PMC XML conversion for over a decade. With highly efficient workflow engines and error-free reproduction, we have helped several publishers load their content onto the PMC platform and publish on time. We have even handled the conversion of hand-scribbled content into digital formats with the support of experienced and proficient data processing experts. Our rich experience has emboldened us to support different industry verticals like healthcare, dentistry, nursing services and clinical services, regardless of the complexity involved. We know we'll get it right.

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