A career in publishing support services

Author: Esther Deveka

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In the global publishing space, there are several companies providing pre-press services to both international and local publishers. These pre-press suppliers provide a golden opportunity to aspiring job-seekers who have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience and who show true grit and a willingness to learn new things, adapt and deliver results that exceed client expectations. The pre-press industry that provided opportunities in digitization, content conversion, etc. has now evolved into a publishing support industry providing several new opportunities for content writers, copy editors, typesetters, data conversion experts, and those providing author, project, production, design, printing, sales, manufacturing or marketing support.

For those seeking to make/succeed in a career in the publishing support services industry, the first step is to identify the right company and the right environment that help bring out the best of their talents and skills. Most of these companies predominantly focus on skills-based hiring. They evaluate the candidate’s strengths and position them in relevant peer groups. Dedicated training teams help, support and provide adequate exposure to master every task and skill. Several of them have been offering flexibility and remote working options, thus providing opportunities for talents to be tapped across geographies.

The industry is dependent on individuals with cognitive abilities to develop and integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Aspiring candidates who can work smartly, are organised and responsive, who can prioritise and manage tasks well and can monitor and keep schedules on track, can communicate clearly and accurately and who take complete ownership of their work and deliver on time with quality have a great future in this industry, not only by building their individual capabilities but also by contributing to the company’s growth in leadership roles.