Is it possible to ensure a high quantum of error-free file validation in a day?

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Gatekeeper, a smart automated platform was developed to ensure high-quality, error-free validation.

A leading aggregator receives large volumes of files that need to be validated before moving to the final stage of production. Bulk files received on a daily basis must be checked diligently for an error-free output. For effective workflow management and to streamline this process and make it more efficient, the aggregator reached out to Newgen.

The Challenge

Validating large numbers of input and output files and ensuring that they meet the standards was a hassle. Moreover, minimizing manual intervention was required as managing large sets of content was difficult and prone to human errors. Also, on-time delivery of the files was hindered due to time-consuming and inefficient processes that were in place.

The Solution Delivered

To meet this requirement, Newgen developed an automatic tracker called Gatekeeper to preflight the files automatically and systematically. Additionally, this tool was used to track the data conversion process and validate the final files before delivering the project.

The features included in the tool are as follows:

  • Preflight
    Automatic download of files and check for integrity.
    Check for structures, fonts, animations and images.
  • Tracking
    Access to real-time status of all jobs received.
    Availability of an option to raise and respond to queries.
    A log to track the timeline or workflow for project delivery
    Automation of emails for receipt, delivery and other internal processes.
  • Validation
    Choose specific tests to run on the final files.
    PDF validation of bookmarks, images and hyperlinks.
    EPUB validation of images, accessibility reports, hyperlinks, language and spelling checks.

The Impact Created

The automated tool helps in rigorous validation of the output files, although there is a large inflow of input content. High-quality output was delivered without human errors. Moreover, usage of this tool ensures seamless workflow management and on-time delivery of the files as the entire process is automated and reduces the usual time taken to deliver the final finished product.