Operating systems are redefining publishing in this new-normal world!

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The pandemic has brought in a wave of leveraging technology in every possible way thus ensuring that business efficiencies are not hit. With borderless work culture becoming the norm, there has been an impact on the importance of integrating and automating several processes and functions into tech-led platforms. Being experts in publishing, our understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients becomes critical in building these and ensuring that they create a seamless, working operating system to meet multiple needs. From author research to dissemination, we have an array of platforms that can simplify your publishing process.


Introducing PubKit, a comprehensive tool that solves the problems of complex workflows and business processes. Helping our clients manage the uncertainties of workflow management, especially in the current remote-working scenario, PubKit is our key platform for our project management and production activities.
Whether it is a multi-authored book or a weekly journal, managing complex publishing workflows is a challenge for project managers who have to meet schedules and manage content updates. PubKit has numerous facilities that are not just limited to exchanging information with our customer systems, but it also has additional features such as real-time messaging and managing applications/files/versions of the content. In a broad way, it helps manage the business schedules more intelligently.


From dissemination to discovery, Nova ensures that your content is discovered by a wider audience with advanced user-friendly interfaces. Built with a mission to provide an economically viable, high-end platform for small and medium businesses, Nova guides authors and clients to various platforms to make their publishing and research straightforward. The user-friendly approach that the tool offers has helped us forge a close bond with our clients.


A completely automated production platform that helps authors create, manage and publish their books in the way they want to, Redshift gives authors complete control over their workflows. This platform serves as an economically viable choice for authoring content. Redshift allows authors to work on Microsoft Word, with a choice of formats for them to choose from and also helps them convert content as per publishing guidelines.

Take control over your publishing process, ensure a highly efficient workflow and make sure that your content is discoverable by signing up for the right customized tool that suits your needs. Get in touch with our team to understand our operating systems better.