Created best-selling travel e-books for a leading publication – Frommer's Travel Guide

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Frommer’s is an esteemed and well-known travel publication in the world. They have published a series of travel guides that are popular and celebrated for the depth of content and recommendations that were added to their books. Initiated in 1957 by Arthur Frommer, his first revolutionary book called Europe on 5 Dollars a Day transformed the way people travelled. Ever since, Frommer’s has been a leader in the market, expanding its expertise into 350 guides in 14 series with a media presence in radios and websites. Newgen joined hands with Frommer’s in e-book conversion of a series of travel guides.

The Challenge

Newgen was responsible for the conversion of Frommer’s well-known series of travel guides. The major challenge was to deliver content that stands out amongst the plethora of content available online. Moreover, a travel guide is designed to contain extensive details about various destinations, prominent sight-seeing locations, places to stay, restaurants, modes of commuting and exciting activities. To complement the overall information, maps of varying details and information on history and culture are provided in detail. Also, travel guides can be made exclusive to serve a particular purpose like an adventure trip, a relaxed travel plan, etc. These guides can be targeted at people looking for budget trips, places that might interest a particular gender, food preferences and many more. The biggest challenge was to capture the essence of travelling in the context of the book and to publish without any errors.

The Solution Delivered

Converting a p-book into an e-book which is more than an information guide and includes interactive features that give the readers an engaging and seamless experience. To meet the requirement and beyond, Newgen worked on including special features that inspire every step of the reader’s journey.

Here are the interactive features included in the travel guide:

  • JavaScript API feature were used to integrate Google maps links in the e-book for all the places/locations including offline map features.
  • Effortlessly navigate and jump between maps and reviews.
  • Seamlessly flip between the pages.
  • Bookmarks and quick search capabilities to help the readers to get to the key pages in a flash.
  • Embedded links to recommended websites
  • Zoom-in maps and images.
  • Highlights and itineraries to help in creating tailor-made journey planning.
  • Essential information with appropriate links to phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices, etc.
  • Honest reviews for all budget trip plans.

The Impact Created

The e-books created for Frommer’s are on the bestseller list on Amazon. The special features included highlights of key information, easy access, quick navigation and seamless flip through the pages. The content includes intriguing, informative and interactive features for readers looking for a holistic experience and approach to travel planning.